Thursday, 30 July 2015

Chapter 2

Hmmmm, chapter 2… Scientific method, the definition of scientific method is system of gathering data so that bias and error in measurement are reduced. Basically this topic taught me that there a few method used in learning human brain. I’ll narrow it down into two basic category. And I came up with these category and I couldn’t confirm its true or not. But yes maybe. First category is naturally. Observing a person without involving yourself. Learning how they think without forcing them how to think and what you expect them to think. For example, let’s talk about football. I’m sure everyone knows a great footballer doesn’t matter who. The best footballer in the world, maybe a friend of yours or whoever he is. Do you ever wonder how they became so good at it? Some people are born talented. Some are inspired to be one. Some are forced to be one. Maybe it all happen at the same time. It happens naturally, maybe family issue or whatever it is. Same goes everything we do in our life. Everything occurs naturally. And each situation leads to another and another. Like the theory of time travelling, if you change something from the past, even one word may change everything in the future. So question is, how is it possible to study human brain if need to investigate every single detail of a person’s life which is beyond impossible.
Next category, is involving. Involving yourself in a person life to know about their life. For example, surveys, interviews or maybe just simply asking questions. As my lecturer said and I believe it is true, people changes their mind easily. You could make them tell stories about their lives in the past. You can force them to tell the bad history of their life. But to human, admitting bad things they have done in life may be humiliating. So people tend to lie. I think this is totally true. Even I myself would lie. Even to a complete stranger who has the possibility not seeing any more in the future. For example, let’s say I broke up with my girlfriend. If people ask me, who’s fault is it? For sure I don’t want to be the bad guy. That’s when information are delivered differently. So this category end up having its own weakness.

On my opinion, there are infinite questions about human brain, and there no definite answer for each of them. You could learn them, you could experiment humans, but have you made an experiment on yourself? If you have, did it turn out well? If doesn’t maybe people should by now understand human are one of god’s best creation. Each people are special……

Chapter 1

Let’s start with an introduction…
Hi, my name is Ahmad Adam Bin Mohd Yunus but you can call me Jepp. Please don’t ask why Jepp. I live at Sungai Buloh and I’m currently studying at Intec, Shah Alam. Before this I studied at MRSM Pasir Salak and SMK Bandar Baru Sungai Buloh.

Psychology…… To be honest, I never really thought this would be one of the subject I will be studying in my life. Maybe because I never had any interest in this subject and I think this subject has nothing to with the course I’m studying which is mechanical engineering.
The meaning of psychology is scientific study of human and animals behavior and mental processes. In the first chapter of this subject, I only learn about the basics. Bout how the histories of psychology. Some sort of experiments which made history in the world of psychology. Some names of famous and successful scientist which I think is another thing that I have to memorize in my studies.
On the first day of class, my psychology lecturer, Mrs. Hanis said, ‘ what comes into your mind when I hear the word “psychology”?’. Basically psychology is about how our brain works. As she explain a few points, with great examples, I realized that human brain is way to complicated to understand.
Every time Mrs. Hanis keep talking about how brain works, my mind keeps asking why a few things happened in the past of my life. Why this and why that. Why do I think like this, why did I change my mind. Why do I lie? Pride? Fear? Just so much things keep entering my mind and just keep asking why without answers.

For the early topics, I did learn a few things that MAY be the answers. Gender, history, whatever and all of those things. I’m starting to wonder if those are true. Or maybe human brain is just the only part of human body without a definite answer.